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What’s the first step before you do any makeup? Skincare. It’s much easier to solve the problem than to cover it up. Have you ever tried to cover up dry skin on your face? It’s not pretty and actually slightly painful. If you have dry, irritated, sensitive skin, keep reading because you need this stuff in your life… I signed up for the Honest Company trial kit a couple months ago and got this as one of the samples. I used it once and was hooked!

Here’s my skin story…

I’ve had eczema since I was a baby but I had pretty much grown out of it until last winter when we had one of our coldest winters we’ve had in a while (mind you, this is south Louisiana so I’m sure I sound ridiculous if you live anywhere north of here) so my eczema reared its ugly head again. I…

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Why is it when I’m getting sleepy my mind is the most active and my adhd is in full force by 10 I get the best idea and they come so fast that I can’t keep up. And go as fast most of the time. I get so excited with all the things. I just can’t deal. I
Don’t talk a lot bc A I don’t really have anything to say. B if I do have something to say no one what’s to hear it. ( not say that to say it. it’s just I have feelings and I/ like to have someone full forces on me when I’m talking. Hope that didn’t seem to self-centered. Bc it’s not. Do unto others as you what to be treated) Then the other times I overthink things. And things dumb thing from the past I did or say.

I forgot the last bit I was going to say

A think you!

I blog because I just do. When it comes to writing I am really bad. And I’m all over the place. My mind works so fast that I run sentences. Or in the mind of saying one thing I go someplace else then trying to put the two together. My adhd/ add is that bad. Yes I’m on Meds and thay help. But my mind goes so fast it’s hard to put anything thing down.
So I just to say a big think you to anyone that follows or likes my post and things I post. It means a lot.


A year for me.

This year is going to be bout me! Yes that may seem self-centered but if you can put to and to together this year has not been the best. For me. I do remember all what I have posted. I’ll post it this year we (my mom and I) yes I’m 25 and still at home. Mental issues are the reason why I’m still here long story about that.had a fulling out with my one sister who had a bady. Due to the baby’s dad. We haven’t got to see him since April. But a week before my dad went to the hospital on Black Friday to 2014. He had a blood clot. And was in and out of the hospital and rehab. Then to a nursing home so the hole bady dad thing came out at the worst time.

Yes life happens and shit like that happens. What messed me up was the baby thing. It not even far that they ( mainly my sister) is keeping us from him. ( not trying to Point fingers or say I’m batter or what not but that’s not the point) she isn’t even sticking up for us or for the baby. I understand that this situation with my sister and the baby dad there are a lot of issues like that. But what it comes down to is. We had him all most every day. That thing I’m bitching bc in not. With my sister going to school and working and him will that’s a hole other thing.

But! I’m am so happy that I got to spend his 1st year with him. I love that baby. A lot. And it was killing me not to act up and call I’m out on what he was doing to the baby. And is painfull tho I know it needed to be done it just killing me inside and fucked me up. But I do see the sun. The it’s not yellow(idk what could) and I need to stop being sad and getting me upset. So I’m going to say what’s on my mind. And do or say thing that I fe the need
The up side is I’m working out and. It’s helping get me back to me.