What you dont know/what you need to know

after 9/11 (tho i was 12) It blow my mind what had just happened So as got got older and as the internet got better ! i got looking in it the things that just did not seem rite to me ! Id have to say it was back in 05 when i got into looking at things ….Love eat that shit up and i kinda belive a lot of it and not so Like The Planet X thing … haha funny that shit was to come 4 yrs ago lol and the more i looked in to that the 2012 thing replaced it ….and big things have beeing happening the past 3yr its nuts and the more shit like that that happens the more i  look and more i what to tell every one .. i dont like to say anything bc i have a rite to belive in and look up things not evey one does bc it seems to me lots of them are babys. so here are some thing to go look at with links


Patent # 56769777: Method of curing AIDS with tetroxide molecular crystal devices

HAARPS: High Frequency Avtive Auroral research Program

RFID CHIPS: Radio frequency identification

FEMA Camps:is a Prison camp and there are over 800 of them in the states that are all fully operatational



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