Bitch time!! Annnddd ggoo

Do not bitch at me bc I have a life online or what not ! You say I don’t tell you any thing! I do but you just playing you games on you laptop !

The only time I can really tell you anything is at night when he goes to bed. Bc most of the time I tell you he’s most of the time runs in the room to hear what I have to say ! And that pisses me the fuck off !

So do NOT get mad at me when I try and tell you shit bc I go to bed ! Bc that’s really when I’m in the mood to say anything ! If I had it my way I will not ever say one word ! Only tho technology ! Bc I am on it 99% of the time!

Not I don’t need help ! I do all my work on my laptop and its there! Tho I really don’t get paid for anything I do ! One day (here soon I may) but it nice to help !


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