SSI Disability

Here’s a background (about) on me! But 1st I have to say this! What I’m going say, and what I have are REALDisability.
I have been born with. So here we go.

I was born with fetal alcohol syndrome. Later was(Age 2- 5 not sure what my age was ) diagnosed with ADD/ADHD. I was in classes were I got help with my school work. When I was a baby I had Pneumonia that is when they found out I had Scoliosis. I had Back Surgery in 1998. Were they took a rib out of my side and put it my back to stop the scoliosis.

4years ago out of the blue i was diagnosed with Eczema. When I 1st got it I was in hell bc I did not know what is was. And did not what to find out what it was. I was thinking it was something else. Due to what I got done a few week before that. But thank god it was nothing super bad.

So on to now and SSI Disability. I have been trying to get it for the past 2-3 years now! And every time they come back and say I don’t need it! I have been to 10 Doctors.The last one I was at it was for my back and they told me that I do not have Scoliosis and I did not have back sugary or a rib out of my side. And that it me is funny when I have two big lines on my back and side from it.
I got a lawyer over a year ago and I have been working with him.

It’s really getting old that I cant get a job. ( My lawyer Told me to try not to get a job) I’m getting sick of not having any money. I’m sick of getting money off of my mom. I’m 23 soon to be 24 in two days (2/20/89). But ya it’s not ok that they can do what they do and give it to people that really don’t need it. But put the people that do really thou hell.


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