If you know me I have I’m iPhone and my iPod on my at all times! I love tech ! Manny people I know ( mostly the over 50-60) don’t really know all when it comes down to the Internet and tech with me. At times it makes me mad that they don’t get it ! But I understand !

I live on online and I’m trying to make a living ! And to some older people they don’t see or understand how by setting on “my” butt make a living (trying to make it) with out doing or having sex! When it comes to it. I have been growing up with tech And with the Internet.

1995,1996,1997, or 1998 my mom got AOL and ill not forget how cool the kids page was. I was born in 1989 by the way! So ya in a way I grow up with the Internet ! And in my mind that is Cool to all get out! Lol. I grow up on the PC AKA windows! And have on that my whole life on the Internet !
sorry if this seems all over the place!

Last year I needed a new MP3 play and have been up it now! I needed in on this whole APPLE thing. It was a slow coming but after having it with the PC I got more in to Apple. So with some of my tax money I got back. I got all the big things Id love to have. So one of the things was/were a iPod 4. And that’s when the apple bug got me! Lol I love iOS now. But to bad I’m poor and can’t get any more of the apple things I’d like to have!
So I’m done! I know y need it on the I’m poor act! Sorry


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