My past needs to stay away

So yesterday was my 24 bday! And ya ! Lol
But anyhow life/ my mind is nuts ! You know you come only live in the past 1time. Will I know you have the past plays back in the mind! At times I don’t I’d like to go for sometime not playing back high school.

Now high school for me was good! Tho I had ADD/ADHD. It was good! I was in the band I played trumpet I was in the marching band and that was my life! That was all I ever asked to be fore when I was a kid. The marching band were I’m from is a big deal so is the football. Now I’m out of school I get to do that 2times a year ! But I miss it ! But at times I just what to get on with my life and let the past be the past but I can’t ! I just what to be happy that I did that and not feel like I’m replaying it in my mind! It makes me sad

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