allergies and eczema

Allergies! Fun ! Right! … Wrong !! I have them so bad in the fall and spring that I’m sick. And to add on the that fun, I have Eczema.As I’m writing this im trying to get that I’m in pain and itching out of my mind and trying really hard not to.
I get a Kenalog shot before fall and spring. Thank god I got one this spring bc I’m in Ohio and the trees were supper bad this year. Having all this issues and having my body go to war. For some reason out of the blue, it just came on fast and bad. I’m in pain and not likening it !

My legs are killing me .my chast is really bad. Ill I what to do is sleep. But every time I get in a good place to sleep it acts up agin. I don’t what to have this ! It’s not fun ! My skin looks really bad . And I get looked at bc of it . Will ill post some more one this and what not here soon .


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