allergies and eczema

Allergies! Fun ! Right! … Wrong !! I have them so bad in the fall and spring that I’m sick. And to add on the that fun, I have Eczema.As I’m writing this im trying to get that I’m in pain and itching out of my mind and trying really hard not to.
I get a Kenalog shot before fall and spring. Thank god I got one this spring bc I’m in Ohio and the trees were supper bad this year. Having all this issues and having my body go to war. For some reason out of the blue, it just came on fast and bad. I’m in pain and not likening it !

My legs are killing me .my chast is really bad. Ill I what to do is sleep. But every time I get in a good place to sleep it acts up agin. I don’t what to have this ! It’s not fun ! My skin looks really bad . And I get looked at bc of it . Will ill post some more one this and what not here soon .

One thought on “allergies and eczema

  1. that really sucks man, don’t know to much about this skin condtion but it sounds like the skin cells are unable to manufacture their cell membranes I am not a doctor or anything but have you ever tried to take vitad3 supplements like megadose? our cell membranes have cholesterol sulfate which vitad3 is just so close, cholesterol sulfate is the glue that holds our cells together inside them and with other cells, vitad3 is good for insulin sensitivity you need insulin to build tissue that is why some bodybuilders inject insulin to build up their muscles (not a good idea) I also read that if you do not have enough sulfer your body will steal sulfer from one part of the body to use in a more important part, our skin is loaded with sulfer, it is possible some other factor is involved, but I am just throwing this out, I know some researchers feel that arthritis is caused by the body breaking down the cartilage to get the sulfer or other nutrients out of it, that is why chronidritn sulfate works, it provides the sulfer needed. so inflammation is how our bodies break down the tissues to get at the nutrients. inflammation is also the source of the pain as well. hope you can get some relief. have you ever tried a low carb diet to see if that will help? sometimes if we lack enough cholesterol and have to much sugar in our system that can cause problems.stay away from cooking oils, use only coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil and omega three supplements. fresh fruit is good and course veggies, eggs are a good source of cholin and choesterol and sulfer, bacon is also, some amino acids (protein building blocks) have sulfer in them. if you can get a aloe vera plant use it to help maybe? I remember my sister had one and we often cut off a peice and used it on bug bites and ichy bumps. it might just sooth it and reduce some of the inflammatin.


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