Stop the Madness: LG Announces ‘Quad HD’ Smartphone Screen


When 1080p displays started showing up in smartphones, I figured there was no way phone makers would try to push screen resolution even higher. Pixel density on smartphones is already well beyond the limit of what our eyes can see. Surely, phone makers would now turn their focus to more important matters like battery efficiency, right?

Wrong, at least for LG. The company’s display division has just announced its first “Quad HD” LCD panel, with a 5.5-inch, 2560-by-1440 resolution screen. That’s 538 pixels per inch–by far the highest density on any mobile display.

For comparison’s sake, Apple coined the term “Retina Display” a few years ago for screens whose individual pixels cannot be distinguished at normal viewing distances. For the iPhone, that pixel density is 326 ppi. LG’s display packs in 65 percent more pixels. It’s the definition of overkill.

LG is touting some other benefits to this Quad…

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