If You have add you know how hard to do a lot. Well for me I can wake up with the mood that im going to get things done, then life happens. Will today I got up and I was in a good mood and the mood to get thing done! will my mom tells me that we are getting the baby (my sister’s baby) my mom and dad are older and cant keep up with him. but what makes me mad  is she just says ya “we can” and my “we “she means me. and does not even see if and what I have plans.

When I get up in that mood of getting things done its not ez for me just to get anything done. a lot of times I have to make myself. and it like a war in my mind. Don’t get me wrong here I love that baby more then anything ! BUT! when you say your going to the store. don’t take all day. they got him here at like 1PM and its now 8PM. who the hell goes “shopping” for 8 hrs that’s a full time Job. that longest I have be shopping  is like 3 hrs and that’s at Wal-Mart. or if I was at the mall of I can see it being a all day thing! but when you have really no money  ya .





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