Eczema my on face

So the other day (the 15th) I got to new things for my face to use . Clean and Clear Deep action exfoliating scrab, and  Clean and Clear Morning Glow moisturizer.  I use them  both last night before I went to bed. I got up today (was the 16th) and my face was killing me.  So I went over to my friends place. And as I was getting ready I use the Clean and Clear Deep action exfoliating scrub on my face. not thinking  I put make up on. By the end of the night I ended up taking my make up off well I was there. it was that bad!

 so I come home jumped in the shower to get the rest of it off.  I made sure to put  eucerin skin calming moisturizing cream on the helped. but I kept itching my face after a bit. I put ice on it then. that worked but I have no way of keeping it there with out having to lay down or not have one hand.if there is anything you need to know bout me is that Im one of them people that when  im get in to my work and when im there in that mind set of working im all in and there is no stopping me (unless you piss me off then )   I was on my laptop so I really need both of my hands. I was getting pissed off more and more by that time I ended put just using my body wash to get off whet I put on . and ended up  putting on Calamine Lotion. that has now helped!

I took some ZZquil before putting the Calamine on my face. got done going that and posting this came to my mind! so by keeping my hand bz. its helped ! I going to try and blog bout my Eczema. this it the time of year were it gets bad.  im hopping by me writing about it may help some other people out there. to let you know what you not the only one that has Eczema. And I know it so not fun it . I  have had to give up all the nice fragrances. I was big on that kind of thing. But it is what it is and im ok with it.

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