My skin update

Last week I got some 3 new things to use on my face. I have very sensitive skin anything I use on my skin has to be fragrance free. The 2 new things I had both have sunsreen in it! But as I was reading what it all had in it. Two of them had/have titanium dioxide in it! And so does my body wash! Yesrday used that to clean my face as soon as I put it on it was like I put the make up on that had the sunsreen .

Sunday after church I went to right aid to get some new makeup for sensitive skin. Today my face is some better so I Tryed that on, as I was reading it. It to has titanium dioxide. Im like really! So I had it on all day and my face didn’t not get super red ! So the only other thing that may have did this to my skin is the sun sreen ! ! Oo joy! Hope I can find something in place of that!


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