A plaz read on add ADHD

I have add/ADHD! And yes it’s a real thing ! It makes me mad when people say it’s not and it’s something you say to get out of things or why you act or what not ! I have had it for as long as I can tell you. I have been on meds for it for a long time and it’s helped me the 12yrs I was in school ! That and all the great teachers I have had ! I understand why some don’t what to put there kids on anything I get that but give it some time or 3yrs ( I just picked a number) to try!

I’m 24 and still on it! I’m not mad that they put me on anything ! I’m happy they have! I am someone else ( I’m not bipolar ) I can’t get anything done ! The smallest thing upsets me or makes me mad bc I don’t understand or don’t get it! If you have a kid with this I’m not tell you have to rise your kids ! I just what to let anyone that has or knows someone that it’s works for me and it clams my mind for I can do and hear what others are saying!
I am happy to talk to anyone (other the age of 18 lol) if you have it. I just can tell you what works for me! And how I deal with it! I feel a lot of people are mislead or just flat out don’t understand.

There are other ways (you may or may not know) you can deal with it! I have my own ways when I forget to take my pills. ( it may not work for others) I just needed to post this bc I feel like not many people know! People that have add ADHD ARE NOT DUM ,MENTEL or what not we just have deff ways to do things! Then the rest of the people that don’t have add ADHD! We make life they way we see it and how we can work in !

Like you can see red. But I see pink. Like You spell and see it as “hey” I see and spell it “hAy” YES I know they have to deff meaning but that’s how my mind works ! It’s funny. Add ADHD is not a joke it a real thing and yes at times it is funny! But when your mind is running so fast you can keep up!
There is a lot more I what to say but don’t know how to put it with out seeming nut or what ever ! I just feel I need to let people know! I can go on and on! And know it may be all over the place! But hope you understand! I’m happy to chat with any one that just found out! I just needed to say this and hope you got to the end !

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