Life and the cards it have give me

I’m not that kind of person to feel sorry for myself. In a way you may ask the card the life has giving me from day one. And manny over bad/ugly cards life has give me life have give me I have the right to feel bad. But I deal with it and get it out of the way. Or worked really hard my whole life to be num to make it look like I don’t have ADHD.

But the cards that life has give me this time I can’t fix or and failed to be able to fix/or get over. When it come it getting over things I’m good at getting over. Tho I may take longer. This time i cant do a thing. Tho it really comes down to someone being an ass hole and blow this whole thing up to.

It really has upset me. And I have Tryed to get over it. (The mine thing I have). But when the ass hole will not let you see your sister and her baby. And you miss them a lot (the baby the most). It have got to me super bad. To were I feel like crap all day. I don’t feel like doing anything that I love do. I just can’t put in to word on how I feel. Just kills me inside.

I’m not one for a lot of word. Because of my ADHD. Gets in the way and I go off somewhere else or I for get what I’d really like to say. And by the time I really what to say something I’m super


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