What’s new in my life. What’s going on

So I haven’t posted a lot of artwork lately because we been in the process of redoing my basement which is my office and I have everything everywhere and all different places every way and until we get everything back in order. I feel like I can’t do anything productive. And I’m just sitting here looking at the wall and where my office is where all the pipes for the house. This house is really old. I wouldn’t say really old but it’s 50 some years old. My grandparents a.k.a. my mom and dad built this house. And it still I think have all original waterline and drainage. And there’s some major repairs that need to be done but we just don’t have the money.

But the guys that are coming to do the basement had a emergency call that they had to go take. These people are restoration team. So we got put on the back burner. Which blows but at the same time okay because I have all my art stuff and office things. In the place that they really need to focus on. And other than be taken some three big things out of the basement. That we just need to get rid of or sell or get somebody to look at. So I’ve been trying to organize all my stuff. Which I’m kind of proud of myself because I got most of it done last week. And I’m almost done getting the major parts but now it’s to the point where I can’t open spaces where I had shelves.

And all I want to do is rearrange my desk and put it somewhere. But by the time I do that ,they call or my mom would call them back. I think my mom at the same time calling them because she’s getting a new bed for her room because my dad is in a nursing home. And she cannot sleep in the bed that they have so she got up hospital. So we been slowly trying to get her room cleaned up. And her old bed taking down. It’s one of those waterbed frames. So I think that’s why she’s holding off. Which is nice! Because It gives me give little more time. Just to do random things in the basement.

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