When you have had a roller coaster of emotions and feelings (anxiety was on high) all week. On top of putting down a cat. And you put all the in to trying to keep your anxiety down and your pms is really bad that you think it messing with how your medication ( mostly for my ADHD Focus/attention span) you just work your butt off and go to thing to thing to thing. But things got done and will still and all was be a thing to continue to do. I made it this week and didn’t give into or feel sorry for my self. 
There’s a lot of thing a lot of you don’t know about me. Bc I don’t talk about it. Bc I need you all to see me for me and not what I have to deal with in my mind each day. Some days are good other’s days I just can’t deal with people. It’s not anyone bad. But having to be at war with your mind each day is like war. And you don’t what to see the unspeakable of what war does to the body of the injured or killed. I’m not trying to be fake when I’m out. I’m just trying/ working hard to not do something dum or just lose it when I have a not so good day. I’m just being strong as fu€k