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why some people are. hard to talk to but not others  

               why some people are. hard to talk to but not others  
One of the most confusing handicaps of shyness and social anxiety is being able to talk easily with some people, but freezing up around others.the people who fell silent around were the ones. MOST wanted to talk. To be fine with most family members, current friends or people who were less “popular,” well-liked or successful than.

But when We met:
An attractive girl or boy wanted to like me

A popular social group wanted to fit in with

A person I really wanted to be my friend

Or an authority figure I wanted respect from

I became anxious, awkward and silent.

Have you experienced that?

What’s going on here and how can you act as naturally with those “intimidating” people as you do around everyone else?

New stamps. 

End up going to a garage sale. Plan was not buying anything. Found some charms! 
I been needing more stamps. I got myself a nice Haul!!  The 

I believe I need a new box!