My mom

WED 4:46 PM.

Im at Aultman for my mom.

She’s been Coffing up blood.

Will I what to wach the cavs game with her. And that’s don’t end tell around 11.

Around 7:50 pm

Court said she’s come get me. And I do have the money for an uber. It’s a new place. And hospitals make me what to expler.

im watching the Cavs game. and stay the night.

Sometime after 9

  • They took my mom for a CT
  • I’m not feaking out. Like a min after they left the room they called a code blue
  • So I didn’t put pantry liners in my purse. And I’m flowing really havry
  • The nurse my mom has is so nice.
  • I feel real calm here
  • I don’t feel anyone’s energy.


  • So some one had a cold blue agin and I made a joke to my mom. About and ate my words real fast Bc the lady was In the room. I ate my words real fast.
  • Upside I knew as I was saying it. It was the worng time.
  • Wow they have a lot of history.




So the gift shop isn’t no gift shop. It a shop



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