So !! Welcome to my site! I’m making this site to tell you about me and show you the things i like to do.So ! Here is my Story. So here we go! 1st then 1st My name is Keshia.I was born in February of 1989 with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.Later on I had ADD/ADHD. And I have Scoliosis, back in 1997 I had Surgery to fix it. they took a rib out and put in in my back with some kind of glue.I had a Braces on me for sometime .

I was in band in school! I played the trumpet ! I like to dance,take photos,art(tho I’m not that good and it looks like a kid did it!)(I was born in 1989),scarpbooking. I hope I can one day here soon ill be able to make money.

This blog is for me I was to tell my story. What happens in my life. I will be posting more art then any thing. But I will be post the good the bad and the ugly.

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