My MacBook Pro is full and been working on getting things off

im about to thow macbookpro out the door it keep telling me my hard drive is full but its kinda hard when the things you tell me that are big files you will not let me download to get them off. and even tho your working on it it keep telling me. like i know in the past i have removed songs from iTunes to give me some room. Mind you i have apple music and 30% is what i got from apple music 30% is what i bought form apple and the other 30% is all my cds. i at 95gb and got it under 89.63gb and that use to help.
But i have all theres videos i need to upload to youtube/put on my ex hard drive. i cant do anything in photoshop it will not even open bc i don’t have room . idk what to do. what makes me mad is i have a lot of room in my iCloud. but a lot of it is photos.dont get me wrong i love apple but when i got the top of the line i got it the year it came out in 2015. i love my mac. but when i cant use it for the reason i got it then why the hell did i spend what i did on it when its not allowing me to have all this crap on it
I love my mac, i love apple don’t get me wrong im just frustrate. i love how all my apple product have everything i have on all my toys. im not trying to be oh look at me or anything getting this mac book was the best thing i have! due to the fact that i use it for what they made them for. art photos videos.

Apple news 

Are you for real Apple a phone that cost as Mach as a MacBook. It’s looks cool and no home button. That’s one thing I can do with on a phone. (Aka the 7 with the headphone jack. Tho Iv had my 7 for a year now. I’m ok with not having it now. ) 
But as a Apple geek. I’ll stay with my 7. If I do use my Verizon upgrade next year I’m going to the bigger 7 or 8. But not happy that they went back to the glass back with the 8. On a side note the x(aka 10) it may not be as Mach On 2 yr contract. 

Apple Store 

Random but!! I was going through the App Store for the my Apple Watch and is blow away by the cost of most of them. Not sure if the rest of the app that don’t work with the Apple Watch are up there in cost but apps used to be anywhere from free to $0.99-1.99 or about $4 or more for specialty. But wow. 

This Is the Most Shocking Argument in Apple’s Motion Against the FBI

Apple filed a legal motion Feb. 25 rejecting the government’s request to help it access data on a password-protected iPhone used by a deceased terrorism suspect. A federal judge ordered Apple on Feb. 16 to help the Federal Bureau of Investigation bypass the iPhone’s password protections. The company signaled its intent to refuse the judge’s…