Apple Store 

Random but!! I was going through the App Store for the my Apple Watch and is blow away by the cost of most of them. Not sure if the rest of the app that don’t work with the Apple Watch are up there in cost but apps used to be anywhere from free to $0.99-1.99 or about $4 or more for specialty. But wow. 

This Is the Most Shocking Argument in Apple’s Motion Against the FBI

Apple filed a legal motion Feb. 25 rejecting the government’s request to help it access data on a password-protected iPhone used by a deceased terrorism suspect. A federal judge ordered Apple on Feb. 16 to help the Federal Bureau of Investigation bypass the iPhone’s password protections. The company signaled its intent to refuse the judge’s…

I love them both BUTT!

Having a Pc and a MacBookAir that you use for each its own. The hardest is when you you your Mac 9 times out of time you for get were the Close,Maximize,and Minimze buttoms are. Pc they are are the right and on a Mac they are on the left. and you for get that your Touchpad on your Pc isnt ForceTouch.