Jessica Vosk: Broadway’s Wicked Star Lives Her Dream While Navigating Multiple Food Allergies

I have outdoor allergies! And bring from Ohio your allergies just goes nuts at all times of the years. To read this I wish I’d have read it 11 years ago back in high school when I was in band! I mean I made it tho but it’s was hard with nasal dip and or congestion to play the trumpet. It made my throat hurt even more. And doing football it was almost impossible to play. But you do what you love tho being sick!

Jessica Vosk took a giant leap of faith to land a starring role in the musical Wicked. And she pulled it off while managing severe food allergies.
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Colorado Man Who Shot Deputies Was Angry Over Foreclosure

(BAILEY) — Martin Wirth spent recent years fuming over police brutality and corrupt mortgage companies, fueled by his own run-ins with the law and a long battle to save from foreclosure his two-story home in the Colorado mountains. That fight came to a violent end Wednesday when the 58-year-old shot three law enforcement officers trying…

This Is the Most Shocking Argument in Apple’s Motion Against the FBI

Apple filed a legal motion Feb. 25 rejecting the government’s request to help it access data on a password-protected iPhone used by a deceased terrorism suspect. A federal judge ordered Apple on Feb. 16 to help the Federal Bureau of Investigation bypass the iPhone’s password protections. The company signaled its intent to refuse the judge’s…