Back pain

Back pain


Clean up your routine

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My weight loss story

My weight loss story 

My story goes back 27 years but the last two years my life fill aport. I had a friend die. With in weeks of that I get in a #caraccident the air bag hit my face real bad. Then a year later things got real bad my dad got sick and we had to put him in a resthome a few months later. A week after we put him in the hospital. We had a incidents with my sisters baby dad and we are no longer able to see the Baby. That killed me. I have worked hard on my life to get me were I was. Up to then. I was unable to do the things I loved to do like working on sracpbooking and things like that. I had no dive to do anything. When I seen a friend post about how working out and doing what she was doing. Has changed her life. 
In December of 2014 I begin my Fittness journey in losing weight. I have had really great success with 21dayfix. And I’m blown away and #inspired that in the 1st 21 days I lost 10 (15) pounds just by working out for 30 mins each day and paying attention to the portionsizes. I have became a #Beachbodycoach to hopefully to help and inspire others To maybe begin there #journey or if they are on there journey to help them. As I continue mine by making myself a #healthier and better person

Life issues and a father I have not seen in years. Due to life and all its crap. 

UPDATE! 6/30/2015

Sorry its it’s taking me a few day to give you all an update! But it went will! He came abut 2 and didn’t go tell after 6 pm

So my real dad what’s to be a part of my life. To be real I’m cool with that. But the thing is the timing is not the best. I have a lot on my plate. With medical issues and trying to get my Beach body business up and going. And on top of that I have thing I have to do day to day and I can’t have him just calling saying hay I’m off work and will like to come hang out.
That is fine and all but the thing is. With having ADHD any thing that offsets my schedule really fucks with me. I freak ou

t and I can’t function. Bc I am behind on everything and I can not get caught up. And it really does not help my anxiety at all. I get he what’s to make up for lost time. And I understand he feels bad that he has not been around. I get that but life is crazy. And I’m trying to find out what works for me. And it’s hard when I keep getting Road blocks.
I have a schedule that I like. And that has been working but I have not been on that set schedule due to will Health issues. And other things that just happen.

Day by day I’m slowing get things organized. I’m that kind of person that jumps right in to something new and I end up getting overwhelmed. With me signing up to be a Beachbody Coach I what to understand what I can before I deeper.  I know that it’s not going to come or I’m not going to understand or do things right the 1st time. But with this I what to make me “better” some more.