Things Musicals Taught me


Lillian Gish in a silent film that a musical is based off of. 

Lillian Gish in a silent film that a musical is based off of.

So if you don’t know me I’m a big fan of Broadway. And one of my 1st musicals I found on my own was rent. **Spoilers (not really Unless you go look this next one up) **
Rent is based off of an Opera called La bohème. I was just looking up some.
 ( > Masland < try talking to your phone and it translates in to this. ),_Ohio

Massillon history and I decided to look up > Lillian Gish< (how did it get her name right)
Ends up she was in the silent film of an Opera called La bohème. Not going to lie I geeked out a bit.ème_(1926_film)

Getting to see Rent the musical

Can’t wait to Rent!! There will be tears. For a lot of reasons. But the big one is im seeing my first broadway show. The First I fell in love with. The first I discovered on my own. And if you know my background with music. My mom instilled in me her love of music to me and introduce me to Rogers and Hammerstein. BarbraStreisand. And the BostonPops. And that lead me to when the internet come to be I found other goods and this was the first I fell in love with and had an impact on me. Other then AndrewLloydWebber rent was my Gateway drug to Broadway. And the love and passion I have for Broadway. Music is my every thing to me and it’s something no one can take away. And I am blessed with the time I’ve been able to read music and play Trumpet And no one can take that away from me.