My Cat

We had to put my baby Down 5 weeks ago 8(


My cat

I love when I go to bed and dodger sleeps with me ! Like now I can lay my lags by him and he hugs them and puts he’s head on my foot

Don’t get me wrong

Don’t get me wrong! I LOVE my cat more then life, more then Music, more then anything EVER !!!! This cat is my kid ! and if you have a kid (or a cat you LOVE more then any thing EVER ) So if you know me then you know my cat is my life ! he is the love of my life !

Back story: like 10-13 yrs ago my and my lil sister “took a walk” we ended up on 27th sheet by by home and as we were coming up to Harold ave and c was like look behind you..low and be hold here is this Baby kitten. He was so lil. c tried to pick him up but for the love of god he did not what he to pick him up so i tried to and he let me.

we ( not the best thing to do as i look back but this was in the late 90s) we asked people if this was there cat. no one knew who he was so we ended up going home with him. (i had him the hole time ) we asked lisa if we can keep him. I fill in love form the min we seen him! she up up lost cat and to call if they knew or if he was theirs. Will no one ever did ! so we (I) got to keep him.

I just was to say am not a nuts cat lady. like i told you he came to me ! Will any how he has some times cat pee and this has being going for a long time but the past ….. id say 4-3 yrs its been getting bad REALLY BAD and the last few week(it seams) its be getting more and more that hes being going were ever the ____ he’d like. since he is a male cat we were thinking that may be hes doing that b/c (with being Girls) ya know.

Will tonight he One and Two in the hell way! YA !! i was mad bc he keeps doing it ! I know hes getting old and what not ! I know THAT day is going to come ! But I don’t!! DO NOT !!!! What to have to have to make the call. Will you may say Keshia y don’t you just have someone else make the call!! I just need to !! OK

I just hope he goes on hes own! I really don’t what to be God. Or have someone put him out Just I don’t know !! I just need to posted this ! He he everything to me ! When I was on Band trips id call home just to let hem hear me ! I know its nuts But Id come Home and he be mad at me !! go lol but He is my Love!