A year for me.

This year is going to be bout me! Yes that may seem self-centered but if you can put to and to together this year has not been the best. For me. I do remember all what I have posted. I’ll post it this year we (my mom and I) yes I’m 25 and still atContinue reading “A year for me.”

Just found out

Ok yes it 3 am and I’m just in my basement walking because will A)its 3am and B) it’s Ohio and the weather is will just Ohio. If you could give us a mental disorder then Ohio is bipolar ** disclosure mental disorders are not a joke. I for one have adhd/add so I knowContinue reading “Just found out”

Ssi I got it. Now for the games that like to play

UG! so I have not got my money yet for Ssi they called last Friday and said that I will get the money in 3 day. Will if you don’t add in the weekend. Weds or the next day. The guy called today saying that the paper work didn’t go in right. So he hadContinue reading “Ssi I got it. Now for the games that like to play”

My Mind!

My mind is coming up with things to share every min ! It upsets me bc of my ADD/ADHD. I have issues spilling! I have a Learning Disorder Thanks to my iPhone and iPod! I have the Merriam-Webster Dictionary and bing App. I can say the word I’m looking in the mic in most ofContinue reading “My Mind!”