Ssi I got it. Now for the games that like to play

UG! so I have not got my money yet for Ssi they called last Friday and said that I will get the money in 3 day. Will if you don’t add in the weekend. Weds or the next day.

The guy called today saying that the paper work didn’t go in right. So he had to fix some things. And now he gave us a new number. Like stop playing us. We win. Now give me my money. And stop playing games

I just need to ran away

Yes!! i just need to ran away and get out of my mind.. not be me any more. or being this mess. I miss my sister and I so miss the baby. I just don’t feel me any more and I feel like I cant deal any longer. when its to shit like this no bigg but the fact that I love that kid more then anything. the fact that this guy that she is with can man up and deal with the fact… we said sorry what the hell else is it going to take.. getting a lawyer so we can see the baby bc that’s all we what is to see the baby..

if your reading this and have no clue whats going on sorry.but you can get the just of it all. this is one fucked up thing that has come to light and I don’t understand why god is letting this happen. I pray and I good. why cant he just give me this one. he knows im at the end of my mind and I cant deal with the feelings any more. all I do any more is cry. and im not one to cry. I deal with the shit. and get over it. but when I may just be ok with it she calls or text or something and it just all over and then some..

I was in a Car Wrack

On 4/10/13  I was in a Car Wrack it was a Hit and Run. I was coming home from Dance and Its was storming all day really really bad. The highways were flooding so the lady that was diving got off the high way and got on a back rd.

I dont remember going on the rd. all I do remember is her saying we were going to and waking up from Blacking out. The airbag hit my face,(Im only 4’9) and messed up my face up bad. Here are some Photos.








My past needs to stay away

So yesterday was my 24 bday! And ya ! Lol
But anyhow life/ my mind is nuts ! You know you come only live in the past 1time. Will I know you have the past plays back in the mind! At times I don’t I’d like to go for sometime not playing back high school.

Now high school for me was good! Tho I had ADD/ADHD. It was good! I was in the band I played trumpet I was in the marching band and that was my life! That was all I ever asked to be fore when I was a kid. The marching band were I’m from is a big deal so is the football. Now I’m out of school I get to do that 2times a year ! But I miss it ! But at times I just what to get on with my life and let the past be the past but I can’t ! I just what to be happy that I did that and not feel like I’m replaying it in my mind! It makes me sad

Bitch time!! Annnddd ggoo

Do not bitch at me bc I have a life online or what not ! You say I don’t tell you any thing! I do but you just playing you games on you laptop !

The only time I can really tell you anything is at night when he goes to bed. Bc most of the time I tell you he’s most of the time runs in the room to hear what I have to say ! And that pisses me the fuck off !

So do NOT get mad at me when I try and tell you shit bc I go to bed ! Bc that’s really when I’m in the mood to say anything ! If I had it my way I will not ever say one word ! Only tho technology ! Bc I am on it 99% of the time!

Not I don’t need help ! I do all my work on my laptop and its there! Tho I really don’t get paid for anything I do ! One day (here soon I may) but it nice to help !


Some few things in life that make me mad as HELL!
• Assuming I…Will do/ I said/some one asked
• Telling me to do something I don’t what to
• telling me something someone told you to tell me
• if your not The one that run things
• NOT Facebook / calling me / texting me but have someone tell so and so to tell me to do something
• (at most of the time) I’m not the only fish in the pool!
• not asking ME HOW I AM. And not going asking others how I am
• that some cant get over that fact that I’m not a kid any longer.