Will I don’t know what to have this post be about. It just may be bout nothing and what’s going on in my mind. With all the things going on in my life. It’s just not good. With the fight with big Rico and my dad not being able to come back home. I can’t tell you really what it is. I do have to say I really miss baby Rico it’s like killing me.I feel like I’m may be going mad a bit


The baby dad

so my sister and the baby dad is here. and I posted I was going to blog bout what ass hole shit he does will he’s the 1st

3:00pm 1/28/2014
the baby was sleeping and he got up bc he had a bad dream! I get he don’t what him to cry but come on hes a baby
you don’t not yell at a baby when he wakes up from a bad dream just no