Apple bans device owners from operating the Rich Kids app that swaggering socialites use to boast of their luxury lifestyles – and charges £1,000 a month to ‘flush out the fakes from real milionaires’

Apple has banned the Rich Kids app from all of its devices to stop swaggering socialites from using it to boast about their lifestyles.

The app was created by Juraj Ivan and Michal Harustiak in October and members were charged just under £1,000 a month to post their photos exclusively.
All of the social networks for the rich are closed to the eye of a random user.

Colorado Man Who Shot Deputies Was Angry Over Foreclosure

(BAILEY) — Martin Wirth spent recent years fuming over police brutality and corrupt mortgage companies, fueled by his own run-ins with the law and a long battle to save from foreclosure his two-story home in the Colorado mountains. That fight came to a violent end Wednesday when the 58-year-old shot three law enforcement officers trying…

This Is the Most Shocking Argument in Apple’s Motion Against the FBI

Apple filed a legal motion Feb. 25 rejecting the government’s request to help it access data on a password-protected iPhone used by a deceased terrorism suspect. A federal judge ordered Apple on Feb. 16 to help the Federal Bureau of Investigation bypass the iPhone’s password protections. The company signaled its intent to refuse the judge’s…

Man Who Smuggled 38 Turtles in His Pants Banned From Owning Them

A Canadian man who was caught trying to smuggle 38 turtles into the country in 2014 has been banned from owning them for 10 years. Dong Yan of Windsor, Ontario, carried the turtles in plastic bags taped to his legs and tried to enter Canada through the Niagara border crossing, Reuters reported. He was convicted…

Leaders in California push kill switch for smartphone

Leaders in California push kill switch for smartphone

California legislation would require smartphones and other devices to have a kill switch that will render them inoperable if lost or stolen. In my mind this may not be used just that ! they just what to past this for “they” can kill the phones or other devices. on people that they don’t like what they are saying or doing.