Lady have to pay more for things.

WOMAN RENT IN 5. 4. 3. 2. 1.


This is Beyond ridiculous. We have to pay more for 💩. Clothing for lady is so Mach more. I get girls buy more Clothing then men. But that’s what set me off. Are you fing kidding me. You are useing less material for lady’s then men. Due to the obvious size differences. NOT OK !

Don’t get me going on feminine hygiene Products. There’s no need to tax that at all. U know your getting your money on that so tax the companies more that make the products for Monthly women things. You know we are going to but pads tanpons and Maidol each month. So the tax is uncalled for.

💩if we didn’t need them. We should pull a Boston tea party


Some people just need to know how priorities on what’s a need and what’s not all the important. 

Rant/not really one but just saying what’s on my mind that irritates me. 
They’re some people that are ridiculously self-centered. And really two face .. And put on a act and that they are better then. And act all godly. Then in 2min begins to tell you that I don’t like that person or tell people gossip. Every And are 100% fake. They all was try to tell you have you should run your life and are in your Business and just do creeper things. 
And the same people say they are your friends. And you have something or have things going on and they know or should I say it’s respectful to go or take/or call them. But yet you know that the things that they want to do are really not a priority in some situations they rather not deal with it and just not go. I will never understand why people are like that.