Wii U

Nintendo, how I love them! For xmas one year (97 or 98) they have good games that I just love. I got the Wii right before the Wii U came out. I was mad that I didn’t wait get the wii u. the game pad seems Cool. But after I read this.


Veet Fast Acting gel cream

So it’s now summer in Ohio and it gets down right hot. I am the most hairiest women that I know. And the hair on my lags grow back super fast. So I have to shave every other day if not every day!

It gets old fast! So I was at family dollar the other day and seen veet. I have always whetted to try it but Just naver got it. So I got it this time. And I have to say to really works. I have put it on for 5 min but next time I do it I’m going for 10 min. It got all the hair but I messed some places but it’s all good. Nothing a razor can fix. But with a razor it take me forever it do my legs . But I got a lot off so ya

Neosporin Eczema Essentials

We all of Neosporin! Will! Sometime at this time last year( that is when I remember seeming it on tv) it called Neosporin Eczema Essentials. My Eczema has bad really super bad! In places that are not so nice! I it at Walmart a few weeks ago it try it out. Will will will it don’t. It just makes it really bad!

I have just been useing dove when I’m in the shower. Then Eucerin after I get out and it help way batter then that!
I will just will to know what they are going to come out with something that really truly works! Being itchy is not fun.
I have had to give up all fragrances Because of it ! And not fun.