RIP Robin Willams

Wow I truly can not believe the new! I was out to eat and headed to Family dollar to get me something’s with my mom. And I got a notification on my phone from my News Chanel 5 app ( NE Ohio’s ABC) bout him popped up,I seen/read (the headline) (the link is from the Huffington post but I seen it in Bing) something last week or a few weeks ago ( don’t remember)  about him in rehab. ( as I just got done typing with that last sentence,Fox news sad it.) once we got to Family dollar open the app and was blown away on what I was reading. He had  “suspected suicide”

I grew up with his movies. Like all the Aladdin movies, Mrs Doubtfire,Jumanji, Jack,Flubber,Bicentennial man. Just to name a few! I can go on and on of the moives of his I love. The sad thing is he has 5 movies coming out yet this year.  Boulevard, The Angriest Man in Brooklyn  ,   Merry Friggin’ Christmas   Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb,   Absolutely Anything .  I loved the The Crazy Ones. that was on CBS this past Winter (2013-2014). that was the tv show I got to see him in. I forget were I seen that they were planning on making a sequel to Mrs. Doubtfire. on Christian today site, they are saying its “likely  to be cancelled”.The roles he played were soo good. he became the roles.Like in the Aladdin movies, to me it seemed. to love playing that role. Bicentennial man was so moving. I can go on and on.

What more can I say. I had some more Bullet on him but its 4:10 am. and I need to get to bed.But before I go just keep he’s family. in your prays. and I hope he no longer is in pain. We will know more as the days go on. On the whos whats and were.