A day of technical difficulty

It’s been a day full of technical difficulty! And not being able to get anything done!!

 I Forget the 1st issue.  BUT! I Have not had one in a long time. Upside to having a Mac. Downside I have 2 usb Ports I don’t have a need for Lightning cables.

 My 2 issuse is my DLSR has been having problems with my 18-55mm lens. I checked it up to me trying to get a filter that was stuck. I got the glass off but the Frame is still on it. But I can finally take pictures with that lens. 

But things have been odd with it. Long story short I got my camera back in 2015. Not thinking/ nothing telling me it needs an update/FRIMWAER update. 

I love my Canon dslr rebel T5. I love canon and Apple. But dear canon it be nice to know if things need to be updated. And my 3 not really technical but it has to do with tech my iPad will not charge. As I’m typing this is was at 7% at 5:55. But that just minor. Compared to my freaking camera.