Will I don’t know what to have this post be about. It just may be bout nothing and what’s going on in my mind. With all the things going on in my life. It’s just not good. With the fight with big Rico and my dad not being able to come back home. I can’t tell you really what it is. I do have to say I really miss baby Rico it’s like killing me.I feel like I’m may be going mad a bit


I was in a Car Wrack

On 4/10/13  I was in a Car Wrack it was a Hit and Run. I was coming home from Dance and Its was storming all day really really bad. The highways were flooding so the lady that was diving got off the high way and got on a back rd.

I dont remember going on the rd. all I do remember is her saying we were going to and waking up from Blacking out. The airbag hit my face,(Im only 4’9) and messed up my face up bad. Here are some Photos.








My past needs to stay away

So yesterday was my 24 bday! And ya ! Lol
But anyhow life/ my mind is nuts ! You know you come only live in the past 1time. Will I know you have the past plays back in the mind! At times I don’t I’d like to go for sometime not playing back high school.

Now high school for me was good! Tho I had ADD/ADHD. It was good! I was in the band I played trumpet I was in the marching band and that was my life! That was all I ever asked to be fore when I was a kid. The marching band were I’m from is a big deal so is the football. Now I’m out of school I get to do that 2times a year ! But I miss it ! But at times I just what to get on with my life and let the past be the past but I can’t ! I just what to be happy that I did that and not feel like I’m replaying it in my mind! It makes me sad