The DC tv universe crossover

Watching the crossover of Supergirl The Flash Arrow DC Legends Of Tomorrow. Kinda blow that they did this. Bc I only have the whole season pass for The Flash. Was going to buy seasons passes for arrow or supergirl. Soon but now Bc of this ive has to get just the crossover for supergirl and arrow. Just so I can finish watching the flash

Now with the crossover I had to get supergirl and arrow. Just so I can finish watching the flash. DC Legends of Tomorrow will have to wait. I haven’t even got through the first episode of that show. Which I got for free thanks iTunes 👍 for the free episodes.


Watching the crown on Netflix

Bc MattSmith and it’s a nice insite to the queen And how it works. And how messed up it is. Like for Princess Margaret. Had to ask her sister “ the Queen “ if she can marry someone. And how out of all 4kids the Queen has 2 of boys are in line then Princess ann then the last boy. It that’s f’ed up the 1 born gets its but if something happens to him before she is gone. Then Prince William gets it. And if something happens to him his boy gets it.

That make you Think. What if he Prince Charles and prince Williams and the Queen died like today. That lil boy becomes king. like how does that work. Do they just skip over Prince Williams family. And go straight to Prince Henry and he becomes king.

but they are the only monarchy that I know of that still exist. That I think is due to the fact we are still butt buddies with England. And they are a major country. But something tells me she’s going to be here about her moms ages. Not trying to wish ill on any of them. I think she’s some what funny. And a cool gma. Idk why us Americans find England interesting and how they speak.