Just found out

Ok yes it 3 am and I’m just in my basement walking because will A)its 3am and B) it’s Ohio and the weather is will just Ohio. If you could give us a mental disorder then Ohio is bipolar

** disclosure mental disorders are not a joke. I for one have adhd/add so I know what it’s like****

But tonight I have had writing juices flowing. And I like it. I like the fact I get a two for one. Out of this who thing. I am not one for a lo of words. Because my mind is running all over the place or I just don’t feel like getting out of bed. Or I just don’t know what to say!

Cooking/ workout plan

Can’t wait to get paid! For I can get the #21dayfix when It comes to cooking I for one am some one who hates to cook. And two I just fail. Unless it like Mac and cheese, grilled cheese ( I’m super good at making Kind of a lot of salt for the people that aren’t big are a whole lot of it. But i do have a fan and it’s my babysister courtany )or I can just put it in the microwave. Then I’m good at that! With this workout plan I will not only be Learning have to eat right but cooking!