2018 been one of them years

2018 my family was hit with some ugly news. But because we believe in god. It was not so hard of news! But I’m not going to lie and say everything’s ok! We all deal with things that are not things we what to hear or what to have happen. But this has made us closer! And stronger! This new year may be batter but I say bring it Bc I got this! Bc I have people I know that have me when I need to be let it out when I get down. I was raised to be strong and I will not stop. I know I have people that need me! And I need them.

So 2019 will make me stronger. And I say bring it! I haven’t posted anything about what I’m talking about. Bc I don’t what or need people to be sorry that this is happening I need people that will be there to help out. And just be there when I need to have a min to be weak. But like I said I don’t have the time to be weak. I need to keep it together. And I plan on working on me and asking for help or what not. Sorry if this makes no since to you. But know when I feel like making a post about it I will but to thos who know what’s been going on. Just know I’m ok and I got this!

Jessica Vosk: Broadway’s Wicked Star Lives Her Dream While Navigating Multiple Food Allergies

I have outdoor allergies! And bring from Ohio your allergies just goes nuts at all times of the years. To read this I wish I’d have read it 11 years ago back in high school when I was in band! I mean I made it tho but it’s was hard with nasal dip and or congestion to play the trumpet. It made my throat hurt even more. And doing football it was almost impossible to play. But you do what you love tho being sick!

Jessica Vosk took a giant leap of faith to land a starring role in the musical Wicked. And she pulled it off while managing severe food allergies.
— Read on www.allergicliving.com/2018/12/07/jessica-vosk-broadways-wicked-star-lives-her-dream-while-navigating-multiple-food-allergies/

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