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So tired of my family thinking I can’t take care of myself.

I’m done trying! My family uses my adhd Against me. Saying I need someone to help me. With my life. My aunt told her case worker something about me. Idk what. But she told her my aunt that I need to be in a group home. And ever since then things have done down hill.Continue reading “So tired of my family thinking I can’t take care of myself.”

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Have no clue how to title this

So about 14/15 years ago ( summer of 2003 my freshman year of high school) I join the marching band. I had friends that were upperclassman. And met some through a summer training camp. To get a Headstart. Not every freshmen had to go. I also know some kids that went to the other middleContinue reading “Have no clue how to title this”