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The Apple Store has special edition cases for the AirPods

I don’t own AirPods, Id love to but i don’t have the money for them but from this and what they  have been trying to do with the rest of there lines is to keep it safe from water. The case is made by Catalyst  apple protective waterproof AirPods case by Catalyst 

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My MacBook Pro is full and been working on getting things off

im about to thow macbookpro out the door it keep telling me my hard drive is full but its kinda hard when the things you tell me that are big files you will not let me download to get them off. and even tho your working on it it keep telling me. like i knowContinue reading “My MacBook Pro is full and been working on getting things off”

The DC tv universe crossover

Watching the crossover of Supergirl The Flash Arrow DC Legends Of Tomorrow. Kinda blow that they did this. Bc I only have the whole season pass for The Flash. Was going to buy seasons passes for arrow or supergirl. Soon but now Bc of this ive has to get just the crossover for supergirl andContinue reading “The DC tv universe crossover”

A day of technical difficulty

It’s been a day full of technical difficulty! And not being able to get anything done!!  I Forget the 1st issue.  BUT! I Have not had one in a long time. Upside to having a Mac. Downside I have 2 usb Ports I don’t have a need for Lightning cables.  My 2 issuse is myContinue reading “A day of technical difficulty”

Apple news 

Are you for real Apple a phone that cost as Mach as a MacBook. It’s looks cool and no home button. That’s one thing I can do with on a phone. (Aka the 7 with the headphone jack. Tho Iv had my 7 for a year now. I’m ok with not having it now. ) Continue reading “Apple news “