Clean up your routine

Clean up your routine with the All-Access Challenge Pack. One bundle, one year: unlimited workouts + nutrient-dense Shakeology + portion control containers = Best. Deal. Ever. And now on sale for just $160USD (regularly $199USD).

When are you more likely to skip a workout?


When are you more likely to skip a workout?

A. You have no one to work out with and no one will know (or care) if you don’t do it.

Or B. You have no one to work out with, but 5 others, who will be completing the same workout, are expecting you to do it. I would assume most of you would say B because accountability works! You wouldn’t want to be the only one missing the workout. If you’ve struggled in the past to meet your health and fitness goals, consider this: I have a challenge starting with a small group of people who will all be working out, eating right, and, if you join, expecting you to do the same.

Message me if you’re interested.


I used to be an Open Book; Learning the Hard Way how naive I was by Jimjax4 (BLW Contributor)

“I’m an open book”, said the naive person. I USED TO be an open book online.  Some even brag about it like it’s a badge of honor.  I’ve learned the hard way that this is a bad way to be. I remember one time I was out with friends and one of them said how […]

Are you Looking for a workout program? 

Are you looking to lose weight in under 30 or 90 days? And not have any guess work? Or are you tight on time in your day. I have a program for you! It’s called 21 day fix!! 

What is 21 day fix?

It’s a 21 day program that is simple with portion control and is only 30 minutes a day for 21 days! It’s so simple and easy and it works fast. You don’t even have to weigh your food. You don’t even have to count dum calories,Carbs, or points. I lost 15 pounds in 2weeks. 

What makes it unique?

With the 21 day fix program you get portion control containers that take all the guesswork out of the process of losing weight. It a simple way to Watch what you eat. And like I said its a 30 minute workout and we all have 30 minutes we are just on are booties do nothing. 

Who is this for?

  • This program is for anyone! 
  • Whether you want to lose weight or just maintain it. 
  • You don’t have to do it for months to see results. 
  • If you are like me and tried and failed at other diet plans or just work out plans in general. 
  • You don’t or you can’t don’t something that’s hard or you physically can’t do something extreme or that hard. 
  • Someone that’s new to fitness, have never tried dieting or weight loss. 
  • Or don’t like “off limits” plans or deprivation.