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Life update

So The past few weeks its been a bit biz. With football on Friday nights and now having a boyfriend now for a week  9/14/2013 that’s a hole odd story Ill tell in a new blog. But this past weekend i had Alumni Band. It was the 75th Anniversary and the Alumni got to takeContinue reading “Life update”

Don’t get me wrong

Don’t get me wrong! I LOVE my cat more then life, more then Music, more then anything EVER !!!! This cat is my kid ! and if you have a kid (or a cat you LOVE more then any thing EVER ) So if you know me then you know my cat is my lifeContinue reading “Don’t get me wrong”

Im a Star …Im going TO BE A STAR !

So this week has been  a Bad week !! But that’s not what this Blog is on ! That last two day have been from hell and today I just needed to do a post on  Performing. I was just listening Nicki Minaj “I’m the Best” and something  just told me to do a postContinue reading “Im a Star …Im going TO BE A STAR !”

Massillon McK Week

So this week is Mass/McK week and it is one of (if not the only ) bigest games in high school football in ohio and i cant wait tell This week end Firday and sat on the two bigest day  every on on firday im going to be in the alumni band for the mcKContinue reading “Massillon McK Week”

got to be up by 3 (EDITED)

got to be up by 3  so this is how my Sat. is going to be im going to try and stay up for the rest of the day here is y! lets and lets of caffen i hope i dont have have to pee like a pig . like i did my Jr. yrContinue reading “got to be up by 3 (EDITED)”